We are a corporate finance advisory firm, independent of institutional owners, that emerged in 2006, as a result of a gap in advisory services offered by banks and investment banks. From this unique selling proposition, we have built a global active company primarily supporting the public sector, public sector companies and other infrastructure sector companies, with respect to existing structured financings as well as new financings. In addition, we advise the public sector and their authorities on other transportation matters, such as coordinating complex negotiation processes and income allocation.

You have a product or a business idea, a business matter close to your heart, that you have been carrying around for some time, a niche with a unique selling proposition that has been identified and proven in previous activities, a gap that is overlooked by the competition or neglected for regulatory reasons, a pitch that you are passionate about, where you are looking for a fertile environment to become infected with your idea?  A company that is the appropriate accelerator for your idea, due to its client relationships, business activities or market presence?  With people who share your enthusiasm, who will be just as empathic about your ideas?

We see ourselves as service providers who support clients with advice and assistance, by creating great opportunities. We currently have seven employees in Berlin, Frankfurt, New York and Vienna and refer to almost 400 successfully completed transactions since 2006.

We are looking for people with a proven ability to structure, formulate and present their ideas to the market, on their own initiative, without specific guidance, but within our high quality requirements. We are looking for personalities who, based on their client relationships and market-knowledge, recognize idle opportunities, areas in which one can successfully position a well-formulated unique selling proposition.

We offer an independent “platform” with a dynamic team of highly motivated experts, a stimulating, critical and successful environment for your ideas, a long-standing track record of successfully completed transactions, and a large number of excellent client relationships. We are open to any form of cooperation and remuneration, which is based on a mutual confidence in the success of your product or business proposition, where the opportunities and risks of a joint approach are appropriately shared.